Shipping Agency Services

"Care", "Speed", "Reliability"」 

The ocean going vessel, one of the main forms of freight transportation, has become increasingly larger, faster and more specialized. Under a motto of "care", "speed" and "reliability", we serve as agents for various shipping operators in Asia so that we can provide our customers with reliable international sea transportation.
Our ship agency department also serves portside to take care of the various documentation required for container vessels, pure car carriers, oil tankers, ore/coal vessels and luxury passenger ships. In addition we also engage in the domestic transportation of bonded bulk cargo.

Cargo Handling & Forwarding Services

Cost savings and trouble-free handling

Our team of authorized customs brokers with their specialized knowledge and experience are ready to support our customers portside. We offer cargo handling and forwarding services to streamline customer's transportation needs to help cut costs and save time. In particular, with the help of our sophisticated computer system, we are ready to assist in the complicated custom clearance of cargo and the integration of the various forms of transportation and labor required in seamless door-to-door transport.



Customs Clearance Services 「AEO Customs Broker」 (Approved number: 12B00005)


Streamlined Professional Assistance

In conjunction with the recent increase in international trading volume, the sheer variety of commodities has also increased, each requiring their own particular customs clearance procedures. To cut through the complexity of modern customs red tape, our dedicated and fully licensed staff is here to assist our clients.
We perform every customs clearance procedure according to our manuals to maintain "Compliance and Security of cargo". So, we are certified as an Authorized Economic Operator (Customs Broker)

Warehousing Services


Cargo handling and warehousing」 

We have three fully bonded warehouses, with a total storage capacity of over 10,000 square meters, in close proximity to the port of Nagoya where the receiving, inspection, packing/unpacking and storage of cargo occurs. From here the necessary arrangements are made for further transportation.


International Freight Forwarding Service

Providing worldwide door-to-door inter-modal transport」 

International Freight Forwarding Dep.
In order to provide as comprehensive a service as possible, we offer total inter-modal transportation from pick up to delivery to all corners of the world, all the while responding to the various individual requirements of our customers. For customers thinking of shipping to China we have the added advantage of a particularly extensive network of Chinese agents.

Documentation Services
Preparing documents can be a time-consuming and costly procedure for the customer. Here in Japan where labour costs are some of the highest in the world, this part of business can be particularly expensive. We offer various documentation services ranging from preparing commercial invoices and packing lists to bank drafts.