International transportation logistics has been developing to meet the huge demands of borderless increase in international trade toward 21st century.
With such economic globalization, the shipping industry is required more creative and efficient service to
respond with cost conscience clients.
For Japan as an island country surrounded by the sea, international ocean trade, is greatly necessary and its importance will be increased day by day.
We, Chukyo Kaiun Kaisha, LTD., was founded in 1937 as a shipping agent with the goal of contribution to international trade.
Ever since that time, we have expanded our business field including cargo handling, domestic/international freight forwarding service, custom clearances, warehousings.
To further assist our customers, we have also established a full-line support systems to expedite the sometimes - complicated customs procedures involved in export and import cargoes.
If smooth and speedy service is as paramount to your business as it is to us, we sincerely hope that you will
consider us for your shipping needs.